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x86 Memory Limits Bootkit tool

06/08/2012 4 commenti

Hi everyone!
A great August news…

My company has been interested in my free-time project: a bootkit able to bypass 32 bit Microsoft systems memory limit (maximum amount of usable memory to only 4 GB). The development process is done, my bootkit is able to hot-patch Windows kernel and enable all machine PAE pyshical memory (up to 64 GB)!!

I’m proud to signal the complete article: It is a bit revisited (with less grammar errors :-)) but the main topic remains the same.

For now, unfortunally, tool is not linked there, but if you, as reader, would like to put a formal request on ItSec blog’s “Comment box”, I’m certainly sure that the link will be published as soon as possible….
The tool is available here only if you send me an email at

Here is a screenshot of the original installer:

Enjoy! I hope that many people will found my project usefull… 🙂

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