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Some present works

Hi All!
Due to lack of time I’m updating this blog only now….
Btw I would like to inform all readers that there are some projects (completed and not) waiting to be published.

– First of all my company (now Saferbytes, born from ItSec) has sponsored new release of X86 Memory bootkit. This time it comes out very stable and usefull, with a lot of new features (like VBR type setup, UEFI compatibility and many more)… I start to share official utility link, and, when ready, even article link… You can download new X86 Memory bootkit here.

– A deeper analysis of new Windows 8 security feature called AppContainer. I would like to show readers a way to create AppContainer tokens, and therefore build Sandboxed application, even on classical desktop application. I have to disassemble many “explorer.exe” (and related) characteristics till Protected processes creation (NtCreateLowBoxToken API).

Stay tuned!


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  1. 14/04/2013 alle 14:07

    ok, Andrea:
    resto sintonizzato sul tuo canale 🙂

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